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After waiting patiently for a long time, the sex doll I purchased from UXDoll.com finally arrived, both excited and looking forward to it, I hope the real sex doll will not let me down. This was purchased at the cost of a month’s salary. Because it is a more private item, I am not too comfortable, so I called the logistics in advance, I want to pick up at their pick-up point.

When I came to the pick-up point of logistics, I saw that there were many wooden boxes here, and the staff said that my package was the first box. Huh? It seems that there are people who buy the same full body size TPE sex dolls as me, this thing is now buying quite a lot of people. Of course, I didn’t say with the staff what it was, and asked them directly to help move it to my car.

Source: https://www.uxdoll.com/product/joanna-sex-doll/

Hard to move this big wooden box back home, using tools I opened the cover of the box, I finally saw the TPE sex doll, my future new girlfriend!

The merchant’s packaging protection is well done, there is a thick sponge, the head there is also padded, also with specifically fixed to avoid break. This TPE doll out of the box the moment I fell in love, the skin feels very comfortable, very real feeling.

However, just open to half of the time, someone knocked on the door, no choice, I had to hurry to put the doll away, together with the box locked to the utility room.

This TPE unpacking process can only temporarily to this, sorry, haha, the back is not a picture, I will play with her, and have wonderful time together.

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